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May 19, 2022 - Keep RC Beautiful Full Sub-Committee Agenda

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Attendees: Jenna Bailey, Jess Kerr, Don Cason, James Kilgo, Allegra Lucas, Brain, Amanda Byers, Taylor Hardin,

I. Welcome

II. Committees

a. New Updates

i. New Member: Charles Thrift placed by commissioners and interested in being involved.

ii. Jess is moving to Chattanooga and will be greatly missed.

b. Policy/Admin Report – Don Cason

i. June 6 at 6pm is county commissioner meeting. KRCB to provide an update.

ii. Certified Green Business

 iii. Don is looking for volunteers to take over Green Business

c. Marketing Report – Jenna Bailey

  • Public Art in April was trash birds.

ii. Green Scholarship – winners awarded:

  •  $1200 to Kevin Tang

  •  $500 to Steven Scala

  •  $100 to each of the three finalist

iii. RecycleBot Challenge – winners chosen

iv. Roxi outings in April:

  •  ICC Science Expo 4/8

  •  Norris Library preschool Story Time 4/22

  •  CRSP Homeschool Day 4/27

v. Looking into what Box Car Derby looks like for Roxi.

vi. Yard Signs

vii. Shirts/Stickers

viii. Donation Signs

d. Litter Report – Jess Kerr

i. Tarp Your Load - Looking into policy for tarping loads

ii. Spring 2022 Pick Up – April 2022 – stats: 150 volunteers, 19 teams, 333 bags and couple hundred pounds worth of larger items.

iii. Paid Litter Pick Up – Taylor Hardin

  • Dixie Lawn Care not available Reaching out to additional landscaping companies to inquiry.

e. Keep America Beautiful Report – Taylor Hardin

i. Next Steps Reports from drive around to be turned in

ii. Service Project Details to be provided from Keep America Beautiful

III. 2022-2023 Budget Proposal

a. TDA is proposing 40k in their budget

b. Towns and County to support

i. Send letters in December for 23-24 FY Budget

c. Jenna presented 22-23 budget recommendation

i. Vote to be held at the July meeting

IV. Next meetings

a. Marketing – June 15 th , Noon @ Mi Pueblito Rutherfordton

b. Litter – June 16 th , 10:30am @ Spindale House

c. Full Committee – 3 rd Thursday – July 21 st , 2:00pm @ Woodrow Jones Conference Room

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