Meet the face of Keep Rutherford County Beautiful... 


Hi, I’m Roxi the Raccoon! I know most NC-native raccoons love trash, but I knew I was different from the moment I was born. 


Unlike my other raccoon friends, I love to clean up trash. I want to make my home of Rutherford County as clean and beautiful as possible.

In fact, I’m so passionate about eliminating trash that I changed the spelling of my name to Roxi with an “i” because i care, and i can make a difference, and you can too!

But Roxi has been sad lately. As the winter looms on, the presence of abandoned trash around our county has been piling up. Her and her First Responders can't keep up!

So she sent for her big brother to join the fight! Coming in with some muscle, Rocki is stepping up for his like-minded sister so she doesn’t have to tackle this alone.

Rocki looks forward to meeting everyone! Be sure to look for him at upcoming county events or send a request for him to come to your event!

Download Roxi's coloring sheet here!!



Together we can make Rutherford County Beautiful!

Roxi loves to recycle, while Rocki loves to educate others about being green and pick up trash. They want you to join in their efforts to make our county inviting and clean!


As Rocki says, "i care, i recycle, and i want to live green... will you?"

Next time you think of throwing out your cup or food wrapper, stop and say what would Roxi do? And take those few steps to recycle or properly dispose of your waste.

Need some help spreading the word? Want a buddy to pump people up about livin' green? Do you just like furry hugs and cute mascots? If you answered yes to any of these, then we can help! Please fill out the form below and one of Roxi's sidekicks will get in touch with you shortly.

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