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December 15th, 2022 - Keep RC Beautiful Litter Committee Agenda

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Keep Rutherford County Beautiful

Litter Committee Meeting Agenda

Thursday, December 15th 10am, Spindale House

Attendees: Jenna Bailey, Taylor Hardin, Allegra Lucas, Maddie Summers, Doug Barrick, Gabe Isaac, Gabe Moyer, Marian Moyer, Eddie Mote, Engle Troxler, James Kilgo

I. Welcome

II. Old Business

  1. Trash Bowl/Litter Bowl

    1. Next year - how to handle big items?

    2. Do we have items over a certain weight count as half?

    3. Safety measures in place for larger items

    4. We pay tipping fee but they transport it

    5. Very large items - they take a picture for NCDOT to pick up

    6. How do we communicate better which items are accepted?

    7. Communicate before the school year begins - maybe end of this year

    8. Teacher Work Meetings - that might be a good time to speak with Team Leaders about acceptable items

    9. Scheduling way ahead of time

    10. Decide definitively on rules in March

    11. Jamie with Republic - ask him end of year

    12. Homeschool organizations - is there a way we can include?

    13. Is there a way to recycle any of the litter?

    14. How can we educate?

III. Keep America Beautiful

  • Grants

  • Events

  • Lunch at the training

IV. New Business

  1. Meeting Times

    • Gabe to email new meeting time & location

    • Currently 3rd Thursday of the month at 10am at Spindale House

b. 2022-23 Committee Chair

  • Gabe to start officially in February

c. March RoCo Ride Along - 8th, 10th or 15th - Need 8 Members, 6 Reporting - takes 4-5 hours

  • Friday March 10th, 9am, Ingles

    1. Amanda Byers

    2. James Kilgo

    3. Eddie Mote

    4. Allegra Lucas

    5. Taylor Hardin

    6. Elizabeth Randall

    7. Jenna Bailey

    8. George Moyer

    9. Marian Moyer

    10. Gabe Isaac

d. Spring Litter Sweep

  • Sign up Team Leaders, they pick up and tell where

  • Push community service hours

  • All Earth Month

e. Paid Pickups

  • Lead for the winter months

  • McHenry’s?

  • Last contract was $100/mile - pricing might be up

  • Roads over 45 mph not safe for volunteers

  • 91 miles

  • Must be a licensed organization

f. Rotating Road Signs

  • Currently a set rotating around the county

  • 8 in a row

  • In front of the armory

  • Engle will place them

g. Department of Environmental Quality Grant / Rutherfordton partnership

  • ​​ Swag, stickers and marketing materials to help with clean recycling (know your no’s) and recycle more

  • Convenience centers shut down Wednesday - communicate why

  • Educate about what is recyclable

  • Educate about how to recycle

  • Possibly give tarp to people saying “I Did My Part, I Tarp”

  • Convenience centers closed Wednesday - how do we educate people more

  • Educational marketing campaign - know your nos, more of a focus on recycling than litter but both important (billboards, digital ads, direct mailers, stickers, etc) - Hilltop, outreach projects, work together on Litter Bowl

    1. Relaunching Recycle Coach app

    2. Stickers on the cans with a QR code so people can download the app

    3. 14 gallon bins to give to people, they are looking for quotes now

  • Do we have each municipality apply for the grant (make it county wide, increase the amount we have for educational outreach)

  • Spending more time on recycling initiatives might reduce litter

  • Which schools need to be added to recycling routes, how can we improve recycling in the stadiums

  • Know Your Nos billboard

  • Grant applications must be submitted by February - last year the state run out of money

h. Kiwanis Park Chessboard Collab

  • 16x16ft board

  • By the covered bridge on mulch

  • Golf cart tires might be too small

  • 5 gallon bucket

  • King and Queen - Roxi and Rocki (one side)

  • Library 2 rooks

  • Town is taking 4 knights

  • Storywalk

  • Board - $900

  • Could we spray paint the mulch instead of a board?

  • Ask campgrounds that have them where they got it from

  • Landscape fabric and spray paint

  • Town of Rutherfordton would consider paying for the board if it came with pieces and they could use the whole set in the future

  • Need decisions made by January 17th - next Full Committee meeting

  • James and Eddie to find tires and buckets

  • Drill holes in the bottom of the tires for water to drain

i. Facility Tours

  • Dump Tour in Rutherfordton, January 18th, 1pm

  • Can accommodate everyone

  • Meet at Food Lion & carpool (parking might be an issue so limit cars)

  • Curbside Management in Asheville, February 8th

  • 12 people max, 11 signed up

  • Leaving Woodrow Jones at 8am (meet 7:50am)

  • Tour then lunch

  • Return by 1pm

  • RSVP by Friday, 12/16

  • Next Meetings

    • Keep America Beautiful Training – January 17th @ 12pm, Woodrow Jones Building

    • Full Committee – January 17th, 2023 @ 2pm, Woodrow Jones Building

Motion to adjourn: George 1st, James 2nd

Adjourned 11:23am

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