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September 9, 2020 - Keep RC Beautiful Meeting Minutes

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Litter sub-committee meeting

Members in Attendance: Walker Harrison, Chris Guffey, Gary Morgan, James Kilgo, Dana Bradley, George and Mary Moyer, Elizabeth Troxler, Scott Webber, Ritchie Garland, Jenna Bailey, Elizabeth Engle, Alma Resendiz, and Jess Kerr

Others in Attendance: Taylor Hardin and Emily Ostertag

Recap from the last meeting in Spring

  • Total bags of trash collected in Spring: 547.

  • February we were featured on Channel 11 News and Rocki also went to KinderPalooza.

  • Chimney Rock Village has started their own litter pick-up initiative. The next clean-up is Oct 6th from 7 to 8 am.

Recycling in the County - Alma

  • Inspecting for contamination in recycling.

  • Keeping in communication with towns and private haulers.

  • The level of contaminants has decreased.

  • The towns are improving greatly.

  • Our recycling centers are doing really well, and can screen what is being placed in the cans.

  • Have created public outreach brochures to educate about recycling practices.

  • Spanish material will be being published soon.

  • The State is working on a virtual education program for kids and residents.

  • Keep communication clear and consistent – spread the word.

  • Reviewed the disposal practices for electronics, tires, etc.

Independent Litter Pick-up Forms

  • Allowed individuals to organize their own litter pick-ups while using our supplies and signing our waiver.

  • These forms also provide information on donation for paid litter pick-up.

  • Showed new vests and pins.

  • Reviewed letter to team leaders for the Fall litter Sweep, October 1st through 18th.

  • Groups must register by Thursday, Sept. 24th and supplies will be ready for pick-up Sept. 30th.

  • Sign-ups are being taken via email by Jenna.

  • There are over 106 group leaders that have participated in the past.

  • Committee members were invited to add to this list and/or contact team members.

  • There is also an online sign-up sheet and waiver form.

How to engage kids and schools (Education)

  • The Trash Bowl is probably not doable with covid.

  • Safety is not only an issue, but the fact that most kids are doing remote education.

  • Participate as part of an outdoor education event with a scavenger hunt.

  • School System would push this event through their social media – Ritchie Garland.

  • For older kids, a global outreach approach is the idea. It would be a touchless approach through an app: Litterati – Cleaning the Earth. The app would allow them to post pictures of litter they intend to pick-up.

  • This app has facilitated Taco Bell to stop dispensing so many sauce packets, as they were a huge source of litter.

  • The app has been used as part of the Keep America Beautiful Campaign’s Great American Clean-up.

Closed with the emphasis on not needing as much volunteer help to assemble supplies. Jenna and Emily with the TDA will be assembling these packets for volunteers to pick-up Sept. 30th.

KRCB needs help with coordinating volunteer groups and communicating with team leaders to initiate more groups

  • Committee members voiced their intended participation: The TDA, Spindale, Mr. and Mrs. Moyer, Alma, and several Girl Scout Troops, etc.

Next Sub-Committee Meeting: November 18th at 10:45am

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