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APRIL 18, 2019 - Keep RC Beautiful Meeting Minutes (Woodrow Jones Community Room)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Present: J. Kilgo, J. Bailey, C. Poole, M. Moyer, G. Moyer, T. Hardin, D. Cason, K. Tegen, S. Gilbert, D. Bradley

Not Present: Chelsea Rush, S. Rzonca, B. Teague, S. Webber, D. Barrick, B. Yelton, C. Francis, J. Chapman, K. Powell, S. Weeks

Others Present: E. Ostertag

 Litter Pick-up committee update was given by Dana Bradley

  • Next p/u of year to be held in October 10-13.

  • There were 634 participants in the April pick up.

  • Over 500 volunteer hours.

  • 620 bags of trash were collected.

  • 5.73 tons of trash was reported by county collections.

Marketing Committee update was given by Jenna Bailey

  • Moyers did the outreach for the pick up.

  • Daily FB posts were done prior to pick up.

  • Sign-up genius was used for the registration for pick up.

  • An article appeared in the Daily Courier.

  • Email Blasts were sent.

  • The suggestion of a “Trash Bowl” akin to the “Super Bowl” was suggested for fall for HS students.

  • It was suggested that the Courier run a weekly or bi-weekly article about the different clean up groups.

Administrative Committee meeting update was presented by Don Cason

  • Need to establish county-wide litter policies.

  • Doug presented a funding proposal to town managers.

  • Need to form a 501C3 (Karen will try to contact Wake Forest Law to do pro-bono work.

 Action Items

  • Committee voted unanimously to allow the use of “On behalf of the entire KRCB Committee” on any future mailings/official forms.

  • Committee voted to approve 2019-2020 Budget with the stipulation that funds may be able to be transferred between line items.

Next meeting: June 6th at 2:00 pm at the Woodrow Jones Bldg. Community Room

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