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Keep Rutherford County Beautiful Executive Board Meeting

Keep Rutherford County Beautiful

Full Committee Agenda

May 14th, 2024 

Woodrow Jones Conference Room, 1pm

Brock Heflin, Jerry Stendland, George and Marian Moyer, Eddie Mote, James Kilgo, Gabe Issac, Allie Houtz, Cindy Cobb, Amber St. Clair, Clark Poole, Taylor Hardin, Jenna Bailey, Don Cason, Dayna Causby

I. Welcome — Jenna Bailey, Executive Director

II. Approval of Minutes – Taylor Hardin, Secretary

1st: Clark Poole

2nd: James Kilgo 

Motion Approved

III. Treasurer Report – Taylor Hardin

Waiting on the last town to submit their check then all expected funds will be accounted for. 

IV. Committee Reports

a. Marketing / Education Report 

  1. Volunteer Fair, Mountain Branch Library: Very few people came through

  2. Tot Time, Norris Library: Roxi visited 20+ kids

  3. Leave No Trace, ICC Science & Technology Expo: 9 groups

  4. Heritage Day, Sunshine Elementary: variety of age groups

  5. RecycleBot Challenge: 115 entries, 140 students

  6. STOP LITTER Bumper Sticker Campaign: Still available at no cost

b. Litter Report – Gabe Isaac, Chair

  1. Spring Litter Sweep: April 8 - 30th. 22 teams, 242 individuals 208 bags. Paid pick up was 70.5 miles and 562 bags were collected.  NCDOT picked up 729.28 miles. A total of 11,550 lbs at 15lbs each for paid and volunteers. NCDOT lbs not included. 

  2. Earth Day Beautification, RS Central High: 60+ kids participated in raised bed planting, litter sweep and found object art

  3. Arbor Day, Befesa Zinc Metal: 4 trees and road around campus cleaned

  4. May Drive Around, KAB Litter Rating: - 5/23/24 at 9:00 am Ingles parking lot

Taylor Hardin Elizabeth Randall

Jenna Bailey Dayna Causby

Geroge Moyer James Kilgo

Allie Houtz Eddie Mote

c. Executive Director Report – Jenna Bailey

  1. Yard Signs: New Sponsor, Edith Edwards, has sponsored 12 signs and placed them. 3 available, 9 have homes. 

  2. Green Scholarship Awardees:

  • Madison McComas $1,200 scholarship

  • Audrey Friedman, $500 scholarship

  1. Volunteer Rutherford, Hoot for Heros 6/1/24: 6 tickets remaining

  2. Social Media / PR: We received great support from local papers running all articles submitted in their entirety. 3 Total - Call for volunteers, RecycleBot Challenge results and Green Scholarship Winners. Social media reach on both facebook and instagram were significantly up for the month of April, 3,200 reached on facebook with recycle bot challenge. 

d. Administration Report — Don Cason, Chair

Don provided an update on ROC taking over KRCB effective July 1st. 

  1. Budget Approval for 2024-2025, 7/01/24-6/30/25 

Motion to approve the 24-25 budget contingent on the approval of TDAs budget approval on June 13th 2024. 

1st: Gabe Issac

2nd: George Moyer

Motion Passed.

  1. Introduction of the new Executive Director, Jerry Stensland 

  2. Structure Discussion for 7/01/24-6/30/25 Jerry provided an update on taking over ROC and talked about their plans. Meetings to continue bi-monthly. ROC is hiring a part-time position for KRCB programming with support coming from all the staff members. The ROC board will effectively become KRCB’s board of directors. ROC is a non-profit organization and will be looking for grants to grow KRCB.

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