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July 11th, 2023 - Keep Rutherford County Beautiful Executive Board Meeting

Keep Rutherford County Beautiful Executive Board Meeting

July 11th, 2023

Woodrow Jones P.O. Box, 1pm

In attendance: Jenna Bailey, Don Cason, Amanda Byers, Taylor Hardin, Maddie Summers, Allegra Lucas

  1. Welcome — Jenna Bailey

  2. Executive Board meetings prior to each Full Committee meeting

  3. Taylor Hardin to send out invites to chair heads

  4. Budget

  5. Litter Bowl: proposal to increase to $3,575.00

  6. Recycle Bot - proposal to increase to $3,100.00

  7. Do we keep Fan Favorite on social media? (time-consuming) - chairs vote Yes

  8. Roxi - TDA gives free time with Taylor as Roxi - something to keep in mind

  9. Non-profit status

  10. Cost

  11. Procedure

  12. Amanda Byers reached out to Travis Hudgins. He would be wiling to put together a powerpoint presentation and meet with Jenna Bailey and Don Cason and/or the rest of the executive board.

  13. Approximately $200 for application (from Travis)

  14. up to thousands for application (from other sources)

  15. Could take up to a year to get 501c3 status

  16. Volunteer Rutherford

  17. Aug 16th - Volunteer Fair @ Senior Center - do we want to set up a booth?

  18. We need a larger volunteer base to decrease admin costs

  19. They put on a volunteer banquet, awards ceremony, give praise to volunteers

  20. Volunteer Fair is one month before Litter Bowl so could be appropriate

  21. Recruit active seniors

  22. Certified Green Business

  23. On hold, no one talking control of it currently

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