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August 23rd, 2023 - Litter Committee Meeting

Keep Rutherford County Beautiful

Litter Committee Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, August 23rd, 10:30am, Spindale House

Attendees: Gabe Isaac, Jenna Bailey, Allegra Lucas, Amber Saint Clair, George Moyer, Marian Moyer, James Kilgo, Eddie Mote, Jon Hoyle

  1. Welcome

  2. Old Business

    1. Spring Litter Sweep

    2. For next year, reach out to college service groups on their spring break (reach out in November, spring breaks probably around March) - Gabe to see if ROC can combine litter pickups with other service opportunities for these groups

  3. New Business

    1. Litter Bowl

      1. School Commitments

        1. LLCA, RS Central, TJCA and ERHS committed so far

        2. The ROC - Liz Powell & Susan Quinn to be school reps if we get the final commitment

      2. Bins

        1. Rep Services cannot supply the bins this year due to a supply issue

        2. GFL (Polk County) is a possible option to approach - contact Victor Morales

        3. Conclusion: no bins used. The Litter Bowl will be treated as a sweep, bags left on the side of the road for NCDOT collection. Motion made by Gabe Isaac to turn the Litter Bowl into a sweep format, seconded by George Moyer.

      3. Bags only - large items are a safety concern

      4. Instruction cards with the new rules printed out with the supply kits given to each school representative - add a QR code to the pickup report on these

      5. Some type of scoreboard/poster at each school with a large bag count to boost competitiveness (because there are no bins for students to see fill up bit by bit)

      6. Mascot visits

        1. Have SRO at schools guard Roxi at games?

      7. Pickup Groups

      8. For Litter Bowl, reach out to old previous groups

      9. Pizza parties or some reward/celebration after the Litter Bowl if we can find a sponsor

      10. Announce winner at football game to involve community as well as students and raise awareness and get people excited to participate next year

  4. Yard Signs

    1. Rotating Set:

      1. September - Amber Saint Clair

      2. October - Maddie Summers

      3. November & December: George & Marian Moyer

      4. Woodrow Jones as the dropoff point

  5. Inventory

    1. Kit making: September 12th, 9am, Woodrow Jones. George and Marian Moyer and Gabe Isaac

  6. Committee Co-Chair

  7. Next Meetings

    • Full Committee - Tuesday, September 19th, 2pm, Woodrow Jones Community Hall

    • Litter Committee - Tuesday, October 17th, 10:30am - 12:00pm, Spindale House

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