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June 8, 2023 - Marketing/Education Committee Agenda

meeting minutes

Marketing/Education Committee Agenda

June 8, 2023, 1pm

Rutherfordton Town Hall

Attendees: Amanda Byers, Jenna Bailey, Doug Barrick, Maddie Summers, Clark Poole, Allegra Lucas

  • Old Business

    • Outreach

      • Hilltop Festival

      • Fiction to Fabulous only 2 people competed, but also only $100 so it’s a maybe

      • Call to Action

      • Chamber Display Window

      • ICC Science Fest yes will do again, good time to reach out to 6th grade

      • Heritage Day

      • Recycle Bot Challenge

        • Quality of the bots is better when the assignment is properly explained

      • Green Scholarship

      • As needed at local schools (This year impromptu TJ visit)

      • Outreach/Collaboration Project (Pawns in the Park) For this scope of project in the future we need more volunteers to keep costs down

      • We need more representatives from other areas in the county - and to identify where we need representation from

      • Possible Beautification projects - planting trees at schools and talk to students

    • Do We want to continue all the above? They are in the New Budget

  • Marketing

    • Facebook/Instagram numbers Both are making impacts

    • Rotating Signage

      • Where do we want them next (looking at County Wide Picture) Currently at Kiwanis Park, on Thunder Rd, Callahan Koon (is it the library?) Looking for future representatives to possibly take signage in their “area” for a period of time and then hand off to next representative.

      • How Do we Sell more of these?!

        • Would like to see them everywhere? Green Business Partners, Neighborhoods, Influential Individuals in the Community

        • Befesa Zinc Metal - only Green Business we have currently

      • Sell More of the Signs

        • Waiting on Non Profit Status. Maybe offer signs with a certain level of donation?? Jenna and Don meeting with community foundation to talk about relationship and then Jenna, Don, Amanda meeting with local CPA to see what’s all involved with non profit status

    • Need a Rocky (Even a litter bug would be nice in the future)

    • Billboard Campaign?? Catchy billboards (Jenna shares what she saw in Brevard)

    • Volunteer Fair - local nonprofits and organizations, it’s by the group Volunteer Rutherford - 29th of june for the planning?/class on volunteerism Amanda may possibly attend and report back

  • New Business/Goals

    • Reach Home School Groups

    • Reach County Wide (how do we reach more people with Litter Sweeps and Volunteers in general)

    • Sell more merchandise

      • Work on becoming Non-Profit for Fundraising purposes.

    • Need more revenue Budget is Tight. Brainstorm!!!

    • Reach out to McNair Foundation and make sure they know we count as service hours!

      • Steamline how to get service hours for highschoolers (auto internet link?)

    • Taylor’s hours as Roxi - in case it was someone else, what would that cost

  • Questions/Concerns

    • More Participation for Litter Sweeps

    • Convenience Center (are they giving erroneous information) (New member Stacy had a negative encounter and Amanda personally did too) Can we see a copy of the FAQs?

    • Tipping fee increased

    • Convenience Center needs to be ticketing for not tarping your load - Laurel Hill needs to be picked up again after JMU’s recent 25 bag pickup. It’s a county ordinance that if it’s above the bedline loads must be tarped.

    • WNC Bridge Foundation - grants for staffing hours

    • Rutherfordton did not get recycling grant - will try again next year

    • Do we need to do all Earth month activities in the same month?

    • Do we need to do the Trash Bowl at the beginning of the year? Football games are good, but it’s hard to get in touch with principals during busy early school year

    • CPA mentioned that it’s about $1,000 to apply for nonprofit status

    • Homeschool groups outreach

    • Reaching out to Neil at McNair to see if we’re on the list they hand to mentors (McNair is 100 service hours) - are they connected to the school counselors. TJCA, REaCH not a part of McNair

    • Contributions from sponsors?


  • Next Steps:

    • Determine if paid pickup is part of budget

    • Amanda to reach out to Neil at McNair

    • Determine schedule of events for the year - do they need to be done at the same time as previous years?

    • Do we do checkers instead of chess if we redo Pawns in the Park?

    • Approach small businesses for Green Business - maybe send a link to recycling bins to purchase

    • Get more Green Businesses in general

    • Ask Community Foundation about tax deduction for Green Business

Adjourned 2:30pm

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