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June 23rd, 2022 - Keep RC Beautiful Marketing Committee Agenda

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Keep Rutherford County Beautiful

Marketing Committee Meeting Agenda

June 23rd, 12pm, Mi Pueblito Rutherfordton

Attendees: Jenna Bailey, Clark Poole, James Kilgo, Taylor Hardin

I. Spring/Earth Month wrap up

a. Green Scholarship: $2,000 in awards to 5 finalists

Motion to release funds to scholarship winners upon acceptance from McNair foundation:

1st: Clark Poole

2nd: James Kilgo

Motion passed.

b. RecycleBot Challenge: 91 entries and 7 judges of 7 categories. In 2023, we will send flyers to schools and advertise on radio.

c. Trash Birds

d. Paid Litter Pickup

e. Press

II. Fundraisers/Merch

a. Yard Signs – $22/ea cost if you buy 1, retailing for $25

b. Shirts – retail $20/ea

c. Sticker 1 – Logo retail $2

d. Sticker 2 - Keep Your Load Off the Road retail $2

III. Proposed Budget: reviewed budget and agreed to take to full committee on July 21st

IV. Programs

a. Keep America Beautiful: Determining next steps

b. Donation Kiosks: Discussed the idea of traveling donation signs

c. Certified Green Business: Reviewed guidelines

d. Trash Bowl: September 16th – 30, tentatively

V. Next meetings

a. Full Committee - July 21st at 2pm, Woodrow Jones Conference Room

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