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Scavenger Hunts & Recycle Bot Challenge - A Keep RC Beautiful Mini Story

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

2018 was about changing our mindset and culture for the future, which meant engaging children and youth. The Recycle Bot Challenge was a sculpture contest that involved students and staff from Cliffside, Forrest Hunt, and Rutherfordton Elementary schools. Over 60 students or student groups turned in a "bot" made entirely of recycled materials, along with a story about that bot's life story and purpose. The bots traveled all over the county to raise awareness and show off their spirit and creativity. Community leaders voted on their favorites and awards of gardening supplies and seeds were given to each student.

Scavenger hunts were also developed for children under 12 to take part in the Earth Day cleanup event. Over 50 children turned in scavenger hunts and earned a star made from recycled crayons (like these from Uncommon Goods) as a reward.

Since 2018, Keep Rutherford County Beautiful has continued to strive to beautify the county. Together, we can continue to make a difference.

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