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First-Ever Keep Rutherford County Beautiful Green Scholarship Awarded

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First-Ever Keep Rutherford County Beautiful Green Scholarship Awarded

R-S Central High School Senior Emma Rogers Receives $1,200 Green Scholarship

Rutherford County, NC - May 14, 2021: Keep Rutherford County Beautiful (KRCB) is honored to announce that Emma Rogers, a graduating senior from R-S Central High School, is the first-ever recipient of the $1,200 Green Scholarship.

The demand for sustainability professionals is growing along with the

need for affordable post-secondary education. “Rutherford County High School Seniors should be encouraged to pursue fields of study like sustainable agriculture without having to worry about how they’re going to pay for their living expenses,” says KRCB member Jenna Bailey. “So many students are deciding to not continue their education because of the cost involved. We wanted to alleviate that burden for someone that demonstrates the desire to push for a greener future.”

This $1,200 scholarship was made possible by private funding from local business leaders Andrew Tisdale, Edward Jones Financial Advisor and Dr. Brock Hefflin. The 2021 Green Scholarship selection committee is an amazing group of representatives from key community partners who are involved in KRCB including: Don Cason with Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority, Dr. Janet Mason with the Town of Forest City, Jess Kerr with Rutherford Outdoor Coalition, Dr. Brock Hefflin with the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN), Jenna Bailey with Artifacturing, and Andrew Tisdale with Edward Jones.

Any Rutherford County 2021 High School graduate engaged in pursuing a ‘green’ or eco-oriented undergraduate degree, and planning to enroll in either a 2- or 4-year program for the upcoming fall semester was able to apply for the 2021 Green Scholarship.

Dr. Hefflin, one of the key scholarship funders and committee members who reviewed Ms. Rogers application says, “Emma’s stated academic pursuit does not at first appear to be eco-oriented, but she made the potential relationship clear in her narrative and she has a strong eco-work history. Clearly she is a top-tier R-S Central student with regard to academics and leadership. I’m happy to support her as the first Green Scholarship recipient."

Ms. Rogers plans on attending North Greenville University in the fall, pursuing an interdisciplinary degree combining education and political science. “As a prospective political science major with hopes of pursuing a career in an area of political science, I plan to continue to advocate for environmental change, and create policy and legislation to keep our Earth safe and beautiful,” said Ms. Rogers in her scholarship application essay. “The beauty of this planet is being destroyed and it is up to people like me to make a difference.”

Keep Rutherford County Beautiful (KRCB) started as an Earth Day litter pickup in 2017. Now, KRCB is a transformative movement throughout Rutherford County, North Carolina. Neighbors, industry leaders, business owners, school systems and municipalities have joined forces to change the way we define community - leading programs and initiatives to propel Rutherford County's beautification forward by tackling the problems arising from our disposable economy. Together, we are taking action to love where we live, work, and play.

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“EmmaRogers.jpg” Caption: Recipient of the $1,200 Green Scholarship, Emma Rogers

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