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November 17, 2022 - Keep RC Beautiful Full Committee Agenda

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Attendees: James, Eddie, George, Clark, Jenna, Amanda, Engle, Ramona, Charles, Brock, Elizabeth, Taylor, Allegra

I. Welcome

II. Committees

a. Marketing Report – Jenna Bailey

i. Merchandise

ii. Events

iii. Outreach

iv. Earth Month 2023 – move to January meeting

b. Litter Report – Jenna Bailey

i. Trash Bowl 2022

● 8 schools participated

● 18,370 lbs total collected

● 3x more than last year collected lbs

● 1st Place: TJCA with 6,090lbs

● 2nd Place: R-S Central with 2,660lbs

● 3rd Place: Chase with 2,340lbs

● 4th Place: Trinity with 2,000lbs

● 5th Place: East with 1,860lbs

● 6th Place: LLCA with 1,500lbs

● 7th Place: ROC with 0 (1,108lbs weighed, but stated by the

school there was no student participation)

● 375 HS participants

● 86 citizen participants

● 5,190lbs picked up by Rutherford County Waste Management

● 13,180lbs picked up by Republic Services

● Pizza parties from Fly Boy for all school participants: 80 pizzas

● WCAB ran 8-10x Clark’s bit

Keep America Beautiful Packet was reviewed including bylaws and board members.

on accepted items. This was voted on by the Litter Committee.

● Questions for Next Year

a. How to handle big items?

b. How do we communicate better which items are


c. Is there a way to recycle any of the litter?

ii. Facility Tours

iii. Paid Pickup

iv. Tarp Your Load

● Tarps to keep trash from blowing out onto road: could there be

policy change at the dump regarding tipping fees; charge more

for those who do not Tarp their Load, helping with


● Republic Services does RC Waste removal, outsources a

hauling service. Currently the price for the hauling service is up

6%, at $4.76/ton. That’s $250,000/year extra

● Convenience centers shut down Wednesday - communicate


● Hopefully Republic can get a cheaper hauling rate

● Possibly give tarp to people saying “I Did My Part”

● Are there county ordinances regarding tarping different than

failure to secure

● potential future discussion to follow

c. Keep America Beautiful

i. Affiliation Packet-

● Packet will be emailed to members

● 6 Board Members

● Chairperson will only vote if a tie (should not be a tie because

there are 5 other remaining members)

● Afternoons are better for Don for meetings

● Amendment process of bylaws needs to be addressed

● Chair: manages board

● Executive Director: oversees the totality of the program, serves

as the speaker

● Litter scoring will take place again in March - same roads

● Add to packet - Does the library have a Recycled Day?

Kidsenses Garden

● Are there compost areas/opportunities? Add to packet

● 50% of the landfill is food waste

ii. Next Steps, Needs

iii. Service Project

KEEP America Beautiful Packet was reviewed including bylaws and board members.

Motion to accept bylaws as stated

1st: Clark

2nd: James

Motion passed

Motion to accept board members as presented

1st: Amanda

2nd: George

Motion Passed

Motion to state in bylaws that chairperson only votes in the event of a tie.

1st: Clark

2: George

Motion Passed

Meeting adjourned at 3:17pm.

III. Next meetings

a. Marketing – December 6th, 2022 @12pm, Mi Pueblito - Rutherfordton

b. Litter – December 15th, 2022 @ 10am, Spindale House

c. Tour of the Dump – January 18th, 2023 @ 1pm

d. Keep America Beautiful Training – January 17th @ 12pm, Woodrow Jones Building

e. Full Committee – January 17th, 2023 @ 2pm, Woodrow Jones Building

f. Asheville facility tour (recycling, curbside management) to be scheduled in February: 4 people, 2 hrs (9:30am-11:30am)

g. January 18th - 1pm tour of facility

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