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March 11th, 2022 - Keep RC Beautiful Litter Committee Agenda

Updated: Aug 2

Keep Rutherford County Beautiful

Litter Committee Meeting Agenda

March 11th, 11:30am, Spindale House

Attendees: Jess Kerr, Jenna Bailey, Chris Guffey, George and Marian, Scott Webber, Taylor Hardin, Brian(town of Spindale)

  1. Spring litter Sweep

  2. Paid Pickups: 150 total miles

  3. Volunteer Pickups: sign up genius is live

  1. Public awareness

  2. Sculptures: Trash Birds

  3. Road Signs: Jess moving signs around the county

  • New Business:

  • Discussion of rate increase for no tarp at landfill

  • Communication to those looking to relocate – realtors

  • Dayna looking into ‘garbograbbers’

  1. Next Meeting: July 14th at 1030 am at Spindale House

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