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February 15th - Keep RC Beautiful Litter Committee Agenda

meeting minutes

Thursday, February 15th at 10:30 am, Spindale House

Attendees: Gabe Isaac, Allegra Lucas, Jenna Bailey, Scott Webber, George Moyer, Marian Moyer, Maddie Summers, Cindy Cobb, James Kilgo, Eddie Mote



Trash Bowl/Litter Bowl: from last meeting:

  • Rules with Visual Aids/Photos needed by March

    • Collection Day?

    • Large items - do they place in a roped off area

    • Signage - pictures? that determines acceptable items

    • Or take a picture of a large item that would be unsafe to move, and we pick it up

  • Litter Bowl Dates?

    • Usually September, prep in August

Facility Tours:

  • Dump Tour in Rutherfordton, January 18th, 1pm

  • Curbside Management in Asheville, February 8th

-Gabe and Allegra to combine notes for an article about what we learned

-field trips for kids?

-James to speak at the Lion’s Club next month maybe - do we go to different businesses and organizations and talk to them and educate?

-Leave No Trace curriculum could fit with a dump tour


-Do we go to the Chamber? Combine Green Business + Beautification - plaque with business name on a beautification project

-Town meetings

-March Board Meeting - 3rd Monday, 3/20 - is a good time to bring awareness to the towns

Meeting Times – do we want to change the meeting time?

Committee Member Participation:

  • Statement for recruitment

  • Flyers

    • QR code to sign-up

  • URL for sign-up

Committee Member roles:

  • Contact past teams leaders about signing up again

  • Help build kits

    • Marc 31st on - every Friday morning in April - George & Marian Moyer can do some days, Maddie Summers

    • Woodrow Jones building

  • Sign up for desired collection area(s)

  • Speak to local groups about forming teams (Civic groups, corporations, businesses, churches, etc) - February 23rd Chamber, 11:30am, 138 Pop Square, let Cindy Cobb know. Sponsorship is $300. April - flat screen TV info & window decoration - Young Professionals to sponsor a piece as a trade.

  • Post flyers around the county

  • Media outreach

    • Deborah Holt Noelle - PBS? North Carolina Weekend

March RoCo Ride Along - Need 8 Members, 6 Reporting - takes 4-5 hours:

  • 1. Amanda Byers, 2. James Kilgo, 3. Eddie Mote. 4. Allegra Lucas, 5. Taylor Hardin, 6. Elizabeth Randall, 7. Jenna Bailey, and 8. Gabe Isaac

  • KAB likes to see a .25 increase

  • March 10th or 17th? Allegra to send out email to coordinate

Spring Litter Sweep: 1. Paid Pickups, 2. Rotating Road Signs, 3. Department of Transportation

-Retired Military Group - contacted George, 10 people to pick up Walmart

-Paid Pickup - NCDOT turned us down for $100/mile, Taylor reaching out to other options -would they take money from the state? Jenna to email Matt. Do they pay the tipping fee or does KRCB?

Environmental Quality Grant (Due Mid Feb) -Rutherfordton applying - due Feb 16 - find out May/June - July 1st receive funds if we get to the grant

Kiwanis Park Chessboard Collaboration

RecycleBot Challenge - Due 4/7

Green Scholarship - Due 3/31

ICC Expo - all day 3/31 (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED)

-request a projector to play a video

Library Fashion to Fabulous Event


Keep Rutherford County Beautiful Litter Subcommittee – April TBD - working month, all about execution - no meetings. Next meeting - June TBD, Ga

Full Committee – March 21st, 2023 @ 2pm, Woodrow Jones Building

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