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August 18th, 2022 - Keep RC Beautiful Litter Committee Agenda

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Keep Rutherford County Beautiful

Litter Committee Meeting Agenda

August 18th 2022, 11am, Spindale House

Attended by: Jenna Bailey (Interim Chair), Matt Taylor, James Kilgo, George Moyer, Elizabeth Troxler, Brian Leber, Taylor Hardin

I. Trash Bowl ‘22 – September 16th–30th

  • Republic Waste Management is providing the bins again this year. ○ Schools Participating – Invited East Rutherford, Chase, RS Central, Thomas Jefferson, Lake Lure Classical (confirmed), REaCH, Trinity, Master’s Academy

  • Items Needed

  • Ballot Boxes – Taylor H is asking

  • Dumpster Signage – Jenna B

  • Entrance Yard Signs – Approved, will go to print once # of schools confirmed

  • Quantity of supplies for each school – 100 thin bags, 20 vests, 20 pair of gloves

  • Bungee cords – Jenna B, need a few more

○ Outreach/Kickoff Plans

1. Football Games (supplies available at Jenna’s office up to 48 hours before) > table (hopefully provided by school), table

runner, trophy, sign up sheets w/ QR code, volunteer tshirts,

flier for scholarship, yard sign, pickup supplies & forms, stickers for people that sign up)

2. 8/26 - Home games for Chase & TJ - Roxi & Jenna -


a. CHASE - 1) Brian L 2) Libby L

b. TJCA - 1) 2)

3. 9/16 - Home games for RS Central & East Rutherford -

Rocki & Jenna - Volunteers

a. RSC - 1) Amanda Byers 2) Clark Poole

b. ERS - 1) Brian L 2)

ii. WCAB / WNCW - Paul Foster - Jenna B

iii. Morning Announcements at schools - As your schedule allows - Mascot & 1 Volunteer between 7:30-8:30am

iv. Marketing – Press Release (2), send poster to Chamber, IG/FB ○ Private Collection Teams/Fall Litter Sweep

i. Volunteer(s) to assemble team bags twice a week — George Moyer & his boss

○ Paid Litter Pickup? - Still looking for litter pickup groups with the right equipment. Taylor is sending Matt at NCDOT the list of our worst ranked roads that are unsafe for volunteers. Hopefully NCDOT can work on those roads during the official Fall Litter Sweep SEPT 10–24TH. Use #LitterSweepNC

○ Gloves were purchased – 150 new ones > 50S, 40M, 30L, 30XL to get us 250 qty

○ Collection bags – Matt T explained that the bags we have recently gotten from NCDOT are the same across the state. They may need to be double bags to help with the thickness. We will provide those to the schools and keep the original NCDOT bags for our Private Collection Teams. Matt T is working on obtaining up to 500 of the high quality bags from another county for our use.

II. Hilltop Festival – October 1st

○ 10x10 Tent is needed – we can’t use Rutherford Bound because the booths are separate this year.

○ Donation Box

○ Information about our programs

○ Volunteers (Moyers may be available)

i. Setup – Taylor H

ii. 10-12pm – Jenna B

iii. 12-2pm –

iv. 2-4pm –

v. 4-breakdown – Jenna B

vi. Roxi will be in and out throughout the day

III. Rotating Road Signs – George will place the two he has in Forest City ahead of Hot Nights, Cool Rides this weekend. If anyone knows where the other 6 are, please let Jenna know.

IV. Make plans to attend an upcoming meeting

○ Full Committee/Board Meeting - Thursday, September 15th at 2pm, Woodrow Jones Conference Room

○ Litter Committee - Thursday, October 20th at 10am, Spindale House

*Please send your pickup groups location, date and time to

Jenna@artifacturing.comso your group can be added to Sign Up Genius. Or sign up anytime

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