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2020 Efforts - Year in Review

Starting strong, Keep Rutherford County Beautiful sponsored an independent contractor to clean up 23 miles of roadway with tight shoulders and heavy traffic. Over a course of two weeks, they collected 287 bags at a cost of $2,300.

But as you know, 2020 was a challenging year. With the COVID-19 virus spreading like wildfire, we had to cancel our Spring County-wide Litter Sweep. Studies report that the virus can live on surfaces for up to 9 days. This news, along with county and state mandates, terminated our clean up efforts for a time. We sincerely hope that, with less traffic on the roads, litter will not collect at the same rate on our roadways and trails.

We had a Fall Sweep during the month of October and involved veteran collectors from the area. Over 85 residents collected 143 bags of trash! Paid pickup also happened during this time on roads that are unsafe to collect without a professional crew. They removed another 172 bags for a cost of $6,350.

We are grateful to list the team leaders, teams and their totals:

  • Alma Resendiz and Rutherford County (RC) Waste Management - White Oak Plaza, Spindale

  • Don Cason and RC Tourism Development Authority along with his staff collected 99 bags on Coxe Rd, Union Rd & Hwy 74 in Rutherfordton

  • Elizabeth Troxler and Rutherford County Library

  • George and Marian Moyer - Hillside Plaza Complex, Westbrooke Rd, Peachtree Circle

  • Jamie Yelton and Girl Scout Troop 13221 - Purple Martin Greenway

  • Jenna Bailey and Salem United Methodist Church - Sparks Rd

  • Jess Kerr and Rutherford Outdoor Coalition Thermal Belt Rail Trail

  • Leah Buckley and Gilkey Community & Pinnacle Elementary - Painters Gap Rd

  • Leslie Dinga with her crew of 25 picked up 122 bags of trash on Industrial Dr, Laurel Hill Dr, and Hwy 108 in Rutherfordton

  • Mia Chapman and American Zinc - Products Hwy 221

  • Sandi White - CC Lovelace Rd

  • Scott Webber and the Town of Spindale

During 2020 these teams, along with the paid pickup efforts puts our total at 823 BAGS OF TRASH.

Given the average weight of a household bag of trash is 15 lbs, that would put our total at 12,345 LBS OF TRASH or over 6 TONS of trash!


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