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2019 Trash Bowl Participants

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

After compounding successes with the County-Wide Litter Sweeps, Keep Rutherford County Beautiful turned to finding a way to engage Rutherford County's young adults and educators. The Trash Bowl incorporates a traveling trophy with an engraved plaque for every season's victor. This is friendly competition at its greenest!

The Spring Litter Sweep saw over 2,300 pounds of trash collected—a tremendous success. However, Trash Bowl participants, consisting of five County high schools, students, staff and family, managed to collect over 4,000 pounds of trash—almost double the amount.

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy took first place and was named Trash Bowl Champion with an astounding 2,714 pounds of trash. Lake Lure Classical Academy took a solid second place with over 70 student participants, followed by East Rutherford High, R-S Central High and Chase High School.

It was amazing to see these school communities come together for such a meaningful civil and environmental cause. With that said, it's still a competition though and TJCA plans to defend their title in 2020!

School Ambassadors that Led the Charge

  • Brad White - Centennial Rd, Union Mills

  • Callie Barrier - East Stadium

  • Chaleise Burley - TJ Environmental Club

  • Clint Calhoun - LLCA

  • Donnie Henson - Chase HS

  • Dylan Fontensy - East HS Campus

  • Katie Cox - East Middle School

  • Leah Robbins - RS Environmental Club

Special thanks to Republic Waste Management for providing receptacles and weighing collected litter at all five locations, Night Owl Iron Works for fabricating the Trash Bowl trophy, Tri City Laser for mounting the trophy and plaque, Rutherford County Waste Management for their aid in collection and support, and the Rutherford County Board of Elections for providing ballot boxes.

This worked because of you!

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