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May 16th, 2023 - Keep RC Beautiful Full Committee Agenda

meeting minutes

Keep Rutherford County Beautiful

Full Committee Agenda

May 16th, 2023

Woodrow Jones Conference Room, 2pm

William White, Brock Heflin, Amber Saint Clair, Clack Poole, George Moyer, Stacey Bogart, Amanda Byers, Maddie Summers, Scott Webber, Allegra Lucas, Jenna Bailey, Taylor Hardin

  1. Welcome — Jenna Bailey

  2. Amber Saint Clair from the Library New marketing and outreach

  3. William White from Befesa Environmental complain manager of Befesa

  1. Committee Reports

  2. Admin Report — Don Cason

  3. Ruffton Recycling Grant - still waiting on determination

  4. Doug’s letters to Rutherfordton fast food chains. Shared with other Town Managers - points out existing legislation

  5. Non-profit / funding status - Admin committee to look at what a non-profit status looks like.

Don will be working with Doug Barrick, Janet Mason, and Scott Webber on building the admin committee and working on trash can enforcement with the towns.

  1. Education / Marketing Report – Amanda Byers, Chair

  2. Looking Back - Earth Month

  • Pawns In the Park

  • Reveal was 3/31, live on Brewtiful Mornings at 8:30am

  • Great Success

  • Stayed through May 5th

  • Press Release / Thank You Letters / Thank Town

  • ICC Science & Technology Expo - Full STEAM Ahead

  • March 31st - 6th grade - Leave no trace program

  • April 1st - Families, Saturday Science Spectacular Featuring “Doktor Kaboom” - booth set up with information

  • Heritage Day - Sunshine Elementary School

  • April 6th - Leave no trace program

  • RecycleBot Challenge - 3rd Grade Students

  • 130 submissions, 5 schools - Pinnacle, Sunshine, Cliffside, Rutherfordton, Trinity + 1 homeschooler

  • 9 categories total, 27 winners - we had to add 2 categories because of so many great submissions

  • Winners revealed in a video made by Maddie, Amanda, Taylor and edited by Allegra

  • Press release ran in both papers

  • Arbor Day @ Befesa Zinc Metal

  • KRCB helped to plant 3 trees, weed their garden by the facility entrance, and picked up 18 bags of litter along with some palettes and other trash items from Befesa’s parking lot & surrounding roads

  • Earth Day story time at Norris well attended

  • Fiction-to-Fabulous

  • 4/21, Alexis won

  • Recycling Relay with Roxi at Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Leave no trace program

  • 5/1

  • All 5 kindergarten classes - ~100 students

  • Yard Signs

  • Set of yard signs on Befesa Zinc Metal campus for 2 weeks following Arbor Day. Set now moved to Thunder Rd.

  • New - “Don’t Pay the Price, Keep Our County Nice” “Be A Quitter, Stop The Litter”

  • $25/each

  • How could we sell more of these?

  • StoryWalk

  • Still in Kiwanis Park

  • Norris Public Library & Kiwanis Park

  • “Why Should I Recycle?”

  • KRCB provided blurbs

  1. Litter Report – Jenna Bailey on behalf of Chair Gabe Isaac

More outreach to churches

How do we reach more people?

  1. To date numbers

  • Volunteer Spring Litter Sweep totals

  • 236 bags, 161 volunteers - (last year: 330 bags, 150 volunteers) More volunteers but less bags than last year - less litter. This is good!

  • Team Cobblestone - Bostic Sunshine Hwy

  • Team Meta - Old Caroleen Rd.

  • Team Sunshine - Bostic Sunshine Hwy

  • Team Bill’s Creek - Bill’s Creek in Lake Lure

  • Team Stacey - Jack Moore Mountain & Hollis Rd.

  • Team Befesa & KRCB Arbor Day

  • Team TDA - Coxe Rd. from Union Rd. to Baber Rd.

  • Team Lions Club - Westbrook & Thompson Rds

  • Team Boys Camp Road - Boys Camp Rd.

  • Team ROC/James Madison University - Laurel Hill

  • Team ROC - Thermal Belt Rail Trail

  • Team ROC & LLCA 7th grade - Dittmer Watts Trail & Hwy 9 by Ingles

  • Team Amanda - Clark Rd.

  • Team Magnolia House - Riverside Drive & Hayes Drive FC

  • Thank you to Litter Kit Assembly teams - Scott Webber and the Moyers and Allegra

  • Keep America Beautiful grant awarded - arrived as we were meeting last time. each team received one

  1. Looking Ahead

  • Spring Litter Sweep Extended

  • Team AF:

  • Team Foothills Realtor Association - Hillside Plaza

  • Scavenger Hunts / Prizes

  • Paid Pickup Search - Taylor Hardin

  • McHenry’s Lawn Care - ½ way totals, 224 bags

Hollis rd. add to a future pick up list. George sending a contact to Taylor for additional weekend work.

  1. Executive Director Report – Jenna Bailey

  2. Green Scholarship

  • $1200 Scholarship: Amelia Harris

  • East Rutherford High School grad Spring 2023

  • Fall 2023: NC State University, Environmental Science

  • $500 Scholarship: Maija Zidek

  • Lake Lure Classical Academy grad Spring 2023

  • Fall 2023: University of Miami, Marine Biology & Ecology

  • RC Chamber of Commerce

  • Window — Keep Rutherford County Beautiful Dog & Pony display throughout May

  • Certificate of Member in Good Standing

  1. Social Media 737% increase in social. 1000 followers on facebook. 300 followers on instagram.

  2. Certified Green Business - Befesa Zinc Metal is the first organization to sign up.

  • We need someone to head this committee with Clark’s help

Keep America Beautiful grant received - pickers, vests, gloves, etc.

  1. 2023-2024 Fiscal Year

  • Budget Review & Approval

  • Clark Poole made a motion to approve the budget contingent on contributing factors budget approval. Second by George Moyer

  1. Committee goal statements & sign ups

Stacy Bogart would like to join Marketing and Education Committee.

Motion to adjourn by George Moyer. Second by Scott Webber. End 3:20pm.

Next meeting — Full Committee — July 18th at 2pm, Woodrow Jones Building

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