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MARCH 21, 2019 - KRCB Marketing Committee Meeting (Woodrow Jones Community Room)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Present: C. Poole, J. Bailey, C. Rush

Absent: S. Rzonca

Others Present: K. Tegen

It is suggested that area businesses be able to donate money/items as incentives for students who participate in litter cleanups.

  • Clark recommended certificates be given to students as recognition.

  • Jenna suggested that companies could earn a recognition patch that would go on Roxi’s uniform.

  • The committee reviewed the student participation form.

  • Chelsea suggested that parents—or students who are old enough—post their participation on Facebook (and to develop a hashtag for social media usage).

A discussion was held on how to get students to participate.

  • Chelsea outlined some of the parameters of getting students out in the community to participate on school time: bus costs, roadway safety issues, permission slips, missing school, etc.

  • Competitions were suggested, club participation was recommended.

  • Chelsea suggested the beginning of the school year would be best to enlist High School student participations and competitions. Roxi could show up for football kick-off season.

A “Trash Bowl” competition was suggested for which a High School could claim the title.

  • Spring would be best for Elementary and Middle Schoolers.

  • Clark suggests t-shirts reading “First-Responder” sponsored by local companies.

  • Weekly shout-out to area businesses for cleanliness was recommended.

  • Chelsea will ask whether students are allowed stickers on their laptop cases.

  • ICC Students and High School AP students could get involved in designing stickers.

  • ICC Broadcasting and Production students could do promo videos for KCRB and use them in their graduation portfolios.

  • Marketing Committee will be creating and sending out in individual property tax mailings, flyers regarding litter clean up.

  • Chelsea recommended that the Rutherford County Schools Education Foundation may be able to temporarily house any KRCB donation money until a 501C3 is formed.

  • Clark recommends that the KRCB Policy committee approve that any budget monies may be able to be moved around from one item to another if needed.

  • Jenna gave an overview of her budget recommendations.

Action Items

  • Move forward with the “Trash Bowl” for high school students and staff. Kick it off county-wide and have an event at possibly Owls Stadium where students bring the collected trash. Games and prizes would be given to the winner school teams. Categories could include most trash collected, most recycling collected, mascot games winner. Dates need to be determined asap.

  • If the budget allows, apparel needs to be produced for participants and volunteers that take part in the litter pickups or other Keep RC Beautiful initiatives.

  • Following the Spring Litter Sweep, we want to release short stories and imagery about individual teams that participated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. These would be sent to Daily Courier, Rutherford Weekly, the Catalyst and posted on our Facebook page.

  • We need to know when the deadline is for being included in the yearly tax mailing and whom to contact.

  • We need to present the budget for 19-20 at the next large committee meeting and get it approved before June 30th.

  • ICC needs to be contacted about Fall contest possibilities for their graphics program.

Meeting concluded at 11:15 am

Next meeting: TBD

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