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February 5, 2020 - Keep RC Beautiful Litter Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes (Spindale House)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Litter sub-committee meeting

Members Present: James Kilgo, Jenna Bailey, Dana Bradley, George Moyer, Marian Moyer, Scott Webber

Others Present: Karen Tegen

Topics Discussed/Brief Overview:

  • Jenna updated the Litter Sweep flyer & put ROC’s phone number on them, and passed them out along with new sign-up sheets.

  • James Kilgo will ask Alma to post them on the FB page. Jenna is to add her as an administrator.

  • Jenna will send out a digital copy of the flyers.

  • Roxi and Rocki will be making an appearance at the county bike helmet fittings.

  • Tuesday Feb. 11th there will be a news story about the helmet fittings on channel 7.

  • Jenna researched Vests and gloves. $8 / vest in budget. Vests w/o pocket with logo, s,m,l, $4/vest online and gloves $2 each. Should be able to get both.

  • Present for the April 17th 11-12:30 litter sweep distribution at Woodrow Jones will be James Kilgo, Dana Bradley, The Moyers, Scott Webber, Jenna Bailey, Karen Tegen.

  • It was decided not to have supply pick-up or drop off be at the library in the afternoon anymore, because no one ever showed up to those.

  • Jenna suggested buying pins to hand out for team leaders.

  • Supply drop-off set for April 27th 11:00 – 12:30 at Woodrow Jones – Moyers volunteered to be there.

  • Karen announced that the $4,000 refunded by the camera company would be used to do 40 miles of roadway clean up by a paid cleaning crew.

  • It was recommended that in the future, more emphasis may be needed to obtain funding to do the cleaning crew clean-ups since the situation is so bad.

Date, Time, and Location of next meeting: Friday, April 17th, 9:30 am @ Woodrow Jones (working meeting)

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