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December 7, 2020 - Keep RC Beautiful Meeting Minutes (Woodrow Jones Community Room)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Members present: Don Cason, Jenna Bailey, Jess Kerr

Note Taker: Karen Tegen

Introduction to Jess Kerr as the new committee member and new chair of the Litter pick up Committee.

Discussion on plans for 2021:

  • Don discussed how KRCB needs the support of local communities and their leaders, both financially and participatory.

  • Jenna suggested trying to get a tarp law in place for convenience centers.

  • Fundraising will continue for the semi-annual clean-ups.

  • Jenna would like to see Trash Bowl resume in Fall of 2021 if possible.

  • Don will meet with the towns again, and see who was able to reestablish funding to be allocated to KRCB.

  • Karen reported that Dixie Lawn Care will not be able to lower their rate this year of $100 per mile.

  • Jenna would like KRCB to purchase some warning/safety signs noting that a litter clean-up is in progress.

New Ideas:

  • Jenna suggested working with Norris Library to utilize their excess books into a type of recycling project this year for students.

  • Jenna also suggested KRCB consider the possibility of establishing a scholarship for a High School senior in recognition of being a “Community Partner”. It would be an applied for scholarship that would be reviewed by KRCB, and would help develop future community leaders.


  • Each Subcommittee must discuss and submit their projected 2021 budget proposals for review.

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